Are Your Kids Covered when away From Home?

Before you start packing the socks, swimsuits, and insect repellent for your child’s week at summer camp, check to see if your health insurance covers your children while they’re away from home. Most of the people forget to check their children’s and vehicles insurance before travelling and if something uncertain happens on the trip thus leads to a substantial loss both financially and emotionally. Even if you renting out your RV from – best RV vacations make sure to go through its paperwork and see what all does the money you have paid covers. You’ll want to make sure you’re protected in case something happens that’s more serious than a skinned knee or common cold.

Read the Fine Print

Many HMO policies cover only emergency room visits outside of a specified coverage area. You may need to supplement your policy if your child has health issues or you’re worried about the cost of transportation home from a remote locale.

Check with the Camp

Some camps buy accident-and-sickness coverage for all their campers and include that cost in the camp fee. Other camps have arrangements with insurance companies that offer families low-cost policies covering their children while they’re at camp. And many camps have on-site centers that provide health services.

Trip Insurance for Teens

You may need to purchase trip insurance when your teen travels. These policies tend to be inexpensive, but read them carefully because there could be a lot of exclusions. If your older child becomes ill while traveling and has to come home, find out if the company sponsoring the teen trip will refund the cost of the unused portion of the trip. Also find out who will pay for an emergency evacuation should that become necessary. If someone you love gets injured, contact New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys to avoid struggling with serious injuries that contribute to financial losses and psychological traumas.

Coverage for College Students

If your child’s camp days are over and you’re sending him or her away to college this fall, check with your health plan regarding coverage. Many schools offer low-cost health insurance to their students. However, don’t assume that everything will be covered. Some plans have high deductibles and policy limits that aren’t designed to cover catastrophic illnesses.

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