Are There Deductions for Mortgage Loan Points?

Are There Deductions for Mortgage Loan Points


You just bought a house and paid one “point” on your home loan and also you just remodeled with the best plumber A point, which is the interest lenders charge up front, is 1% of the mortgage loan amount. If you itemize your income tax deductions, points are deductible. For the best deal, this mortgage branch opportunity has changed everything. You can check out

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First Time Around

Points paid for a mortgage on a primary residence are generally deductible in the year they are paid — if certain conditions are met. Check the personal loans from to find the best deal for you and your mortgage arrangement. For example, your mortgage must be secured by the home being purchased, the points must not exceed the number generally charged in your area, and the points must be paid from separate funds, not rolled into the mortgage.


Second Time Around

If you refinance and use some of the new mortgages with the help or personal Money lenders to make home improvements, as long as payment is separate, points paid on the portion of the loan that finances the improvements can also be deducted in the year they are paid.


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